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Mate Gourd Personalized - TORPEDO - ARGENTINA MATE + STRAW, Custom Mate Gourd

Mate Gourd Personalized - TORPEDO - ARGENTINA MATE + STRAW, Custom Mate Gourd

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Mate Gourd Personalized - TORPEDO - ARGENTINA MATE + STRAW, Custom Mate Gourd, Mate personalizado, Mate Argentino de Messi

1- Choose your color: Black, Brown

2- Choose your number of letters or numbers or logos (If you want to customize it with the word ARGENTINA + ⭐, you must choose the option 10 letters)

Please send a message with your request (ARGENTINA + ⭐)

Wait 30 days and you will receive your personalized mate at home

This contains:

1 Personalized Gourd Mate cup

1 Alpaca Straw

Mate: Measurement 10x10 cm approximately

Straw: 16 cm





Bronze letters

Mate is traditionally drunk in a particular social setting, such as family gatherings or with friends. One individual (known in Spanish as the cebador) assumes the task of server. This person typically fills the gourd and drinks the mate completely to ensure that it is free of particulate matter and of good quality. The server subsequently refills the gourd and passes it to the next drinker who likewise drinks it all. The ritual proceeds around the circle in this fashion until the mate becomes lavado ("washed out" or "flat"), typically after the gourd has been filled about ten times or more depending on the yerba used (well-aged yerba mate is typically more potent, and therefore provides a greater number of refills). When one has had their fill of mate, they express as much to the cebador when it is their turn to drink, by simply saying gracias ("thanks") as they receive the mate. In the tradition of mate-drinking, gracias means that this mate accepted will be the last to be drunk, and serves as an acknowledgement of the kindness and kinship offered by the cebador and those with whom one has shared the mate.

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