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Door for Clay Oven | Steel Door | With Thermometer

Door for Clay Oven | Steel Door | With Thermometer

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Door for Clay Oven | Steel Door | With Thermometer

This elegant steel door is specifically designed for clay ovens, combining functionality with rustic style. Made from high-quality steel, it ensures durability and heat resistance, keeping your oven in optimal cooking condition.

The door features an integrated clock, allowing you to precisely control the cooking time of your food, ensuring perfect results every time. Additionally, the wooden handle offers a classic and comfortable touch, making it easy to open and close the door without the risk of burns.

Ideal for lovers of traditional cooking, this steel door not only improves the efficiency of your clay oven but also adds a decorative element to your culinary space. Transform your cooking experience with this robust and sophisticated steel door, perfect for any rustic or contemporary kitchen.

- External width: 21.65 inches
- Height at center: 15.75 inches
- Height at sides: 12.99 inches
- Internal mouth width: 19.29 inches
- Internal mouth height: 13.78 inches
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